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October 22th, 2021

Children's book app Boksnok brings popular interactive children's books to Germany

The award-winning app from Sweden inspires children to read through innovative technology and well-known German as well as Swedish characters.

Pettersson and Findus, Mamma Muh and Willi Wiberg - the popular Scandinavian characters are an integral part of many childhoods. Now the Swedish children's book app Boksnok is bringing these and many other favorite titles in a new innovative format to Germany. With digital animations and interactive elements, children can experience a new playful reading experience:

"YouTube and video games have made it difficult to get children excited about reading. With Boksnok, we have developed an app that makes children want to read and at the same time promotes their cognitive development. We want to awaken children's love of reading in a digital world," says Monica Fagraeus Lundström, CEO and founder of Boksnok. 

As a subscription service, Boksnok offers unlimited monthly access to hundreds of different titles for 2 to 9-year-olds. In collaboration with publishers such as Oetinger Verlagsgruppe, Ueberreuter Verlag and G+G Verlag, children can rediscover well-known classics such Das Sams, Die Olchis or Jan and Julia, but also choose from a broad collection of other popular books. 

"Last year showed how important digital learning and reading opportunities are for children. The Boksnok app, with its child-friendly design, professional narrative voices and innovative technology provides just the right setting for our children's books. We are excited about the possibilities of digital reading and very much look forward to having Boksnok as a partner," says Thilo Schmid, Managing Director Marketing and Distribution of Verlagsgruppe Oetinger. 

The German version of the Boksnok app will be available in the AppStore from the beginning of November and on Google Play later the same month.